Defensive Pistol In The Home

Do you have children in the home?  Elderly?  Hearing impaired? Do you live alone?  Do you have special needs?  These are all factors that every armed homeowner must consider and the very reason they should all have a plan...a plan to defend, a plan to escape and above all else a plan to survive.  There is no replacement for planning.  Equally important is training to execute your plan.  


SSG® understands this.  We understand that you must be immersed in a scenario in order to truly appreciate its gravity in real life.  This is why we submit to you, that simply going to a flat range on Saturday morning, and shooting a piece of paper, is NOT going to prepare you for an intruder in YOUR home in the middle of the night.     

To prepare you for this, we are offering a more comprehensive version of our patented S.M.I.T.H.® training...we call it Defensive Pistol In The Home.  


This course is by far the most comprehensive in our portfolio.  We include a comprehensive, walkthrough, the Domicile Analysis® or DA.  The DA will identify every aspect of your home that is relevant to you defending it and your love ones.  When complete, we also assist you in developing a plan that works for you and your unique home-life situation.

When the plan is complete, we train you to execute that plan.  Now, we are not suggesting that we will address every possible scenario that can affect you.  However, we will address the most critical aspects, thus ensuring you will be adaptive enough to respond to those unforeseen situations, that can and most likely will surface.

Defensive Pistol In The Home

With this course you will receive:

  • Our comprehensive Domicile Analysis®

  • A comprehensive home defense plan

  • Scenario-based, home defense plan training sessions

  • One-on-one weapons training in the home


Includes usage of:

✔ UTM® 

✔ SSG® Professional Role-players

*Prices vary depending on home size.  Special pricing available for Town Homes and Apartments.