As industry leaders since our founding in 2010, we’ve grown accustomed to working with clients of all sizes and providing training and security to them nationwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality training that adheres to the highest standards of realism, practicality and versatility.

Our trainers are the very best at what they do.  We staff experts in more than just firearms, because we understand that real life does not solve its problems with a paper target.  Our staff consists of :

-Educator/Practitioners with expertise in:

    *Behavioral Science (Doctorate Level)

    *Criminal Justice (Doctorate Level)

    *Strategic Intelligence (Graduate Level)

-Firearms and Tactics Trainers/ Practitioners with backgrounds in:

    *US Army Special Forces


        -Special Forces Sniper Course (SOTIC LVL I) 

    *USAF Security Forces (Raven)

    *USAF Security Forces (Presidential)

    *US Intelligence Community (IC).

    *Federal Law Enforcement (GS 1811)

    *Local Law Enforcement (Leadership, Investigative, Patrol and                SWAT)

    *Defensive Tactics

    *Firearms instruction (Basic & Advanced)

     *Use of Force

     *Active Shooter Threat

We bring all the aforementioned to bear when it comes to ensuring our training scenarios are the most realistic possible and we take no shortcuts with our instructions on how to navigate some of life's most traumatic events.

Sentinel Security Group

Training Branch