Our Training Philosophy

For us, realism is one of the most important factors beyond fundamental firearms training.  Lets face it, being able to place your round dead center of a paper target is satisfying, and demonstrates a level of proficiency with the fundamentals…but in the real world your targets will either shoot back or be armed in some fashion.  This is why we stress situational training with the most realistic methods possible.  We rely on UTM® and Shocknife® training equipment.


We feel talking about a potentially lethal engagement and discussing “what you would do” is a lot easier than actually being placed in the scenario and executing.  The fact is, every situation is different, and unless you have developed the ability to assess your surroundings at all times with little to no thought, and have the muscle memory of years on a flat range…or even an actual gunfight…you really don’t know what you are going to do.


Our training scenarios are as real as they get…and because life presents you with limitless possibilities for a potential engagement…so do we.  We replicate everything from being in the middle of a convenience store robbery to road rage.  


For our law enforcement officers, we can replicate scenarios that will challenge the very best.  We go beyond the simplicities of imaginary shooting scenarios with paper targets in a room. Because our role players are armed as well, there is a sense of urgency and finality that cannot be replicated with a paper target and someone running behind you with a timing device.  Fact.


So if you are serious about training for the real world…you are in the right place.


SSG Staff.